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When it comes to flying around Europe, passengers have more options than ever before. helps you book flights to Europe easily, by bringing all these options together in one place. You can search and compare the fastest and most affordable routes, so you’ll always find the right ticket

Popular Destinations in Europe

So, where to? You can fly to Europe and arrive at major European airports such as London-Heathrow, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol. When flying within Europe, plenty of smaller regional airports exist as well, making it easy to plan any route or itinerary.

In recent years, flights in Europe have become increasingly affordable, and can often be the fastest option for the best price. For example, you can book a midweek flight from London-Stansted to Milan-Bergamo for as little as €10. Other airports you can fly to for less include Stockholm-Skavsta, Warsaw-Modlin, Vienna-International and Berlin-Schönefeld.

Whether you’re jetting off to discover Italy’s Amalfi coast, searching for Germany’s best Bavarian beer or delving into the Medieval history of Edinburgh, Scotland, plenty of train and bus options are available when you land—all bookable with

The most popular continental flights within Europe utilize Barcelona-El Prat, Paris-Orly, Berlin-Tegel and London-Heathrow airports. Journeying by discount airline continues to be a viable transportation option, especially since domestic flight connections usually involve a shorter transit time than choosing to travel via bus or train. The most travelled domestic flight route – from Madrid to Barcelona – had more than 3 million passengers in 2011. Key airlines operating these routes include Vueling, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air and easyJet. People in Europe fly to other European destinations for many different reasons, with flights to both business centres and holiday destinations featuring prominently.

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